Animax Copasure Cattle

Animax Copasure Cattle

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24 x 27g 4314050

Animax Copasure bolus are for the prevention and treatment of copper deficiency. If your animals are suffering from copper deficiency (hypocuprosis) they will show a loss in performance and susceptibility to disease. Young stock (100-250 kg bw) receive one 27g (maroon) capsule (equivalent to 108 mg CuO/kg for a 250 kg animal). Cattle (over 250 kg bw) receive one or two 27g (maroon) capsules, depending on the severity of the copper deficiency. (One capsule is equivalent to 67.5mg CuO/kg for a 400kg animals, 2 capsules are equivalent to 135mg CuO/kg for a 400kg animal).

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