Calf Isolation Unit

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Our Calf Isolation Unit is an individual calf housing unit which is ideal for the effective isolation of 
calves. The polyethylene body will ensure the calf is kept warm and draught-free. Lightweight, easy to 
disinfect, comes with a bracket, a removable calf slat for drainage and heat lamp (bulb not included). An 
additional removable tray underneath the unit ensures that all waste is contained and can be disposed 
of separately to comply with Farm Assurance Schemes. The unit provides for more effective feed 
monitoring, reduces bedding requirements and can help to lower calf mortality rates.

IU-01 Isolation Unit 1460 L x 1020 W x 1200 H

• Provides for specific needs of individual calves 
and more effective feed monitoring.
• Easy to clean, can be power hosed and disinfected in minutes.
• Reduces the spread of infection.
• Stacks for easy storage when not in use.
Animals under red lights should be monitored regularly.

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