Calsea Phos 15kg

Calsea Phos 15kg

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  • High Phos mineral block to improve performance and aid digestion.

  • High level of phosphorus, vitamins and trace elements to balance nutrition.

  • Chelated copper and yeast to maximise efficiency

  • Maximises fertility and production

  • Maintains year round fertility and production

Calsea Phos is a high performance mineral block with a digestive aid. It contains a combination of calcium, high level of phosphorus, trace elements and vitamins to balance animal nutrition. Maximum efficiency is achieved as it contains chelated copper and yeast. It is most suited to young stock and breeding animals to maximise fertility and production. The block should be positioned in an appropriate area of the cow housing facility where all cows have access to. They are best placed near to but not next to water and should be around 1.5m - 1.8m off the ground for cows. It can also be given to cattle and sheep. The elevated placement will help optimise salivation which will support the rumen buffering. The amount of blocks you need depends on the size of your herd. 

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