Car Harness

Car Harness

  • €12,40

4 Sizes available

Trixie dog harness to keep your dog in place while driving, also suitable as a regular harness, fits with all conventional buckles.
The Trixie Dog Car Harness protects you and your pet.

It consists of strong, durable nylon webbing. The belt around the chest is padded with foam and protects your dog from discomfort if you suddenly brake. It can also be used as a general harness.

You can easily put your dog in the harness at home and then climb into the car. The integrated adjustable lead allows you to walk your dog without an extra lead. The included buckle fits with all standard seat belts. A practical and safe idea, to keep your dog safe and comfy in the car.



Harness size Chest circumference
Size XS 20 – 50cm
Size S 30 – 60cm
Size M 50 – 70cm
Size L 70 – 90cm

Please note: Trixie Dog Belt only keeps your dog in place - and does not guarantee safety in case of an auto accident. We recommend checking the size and shape the first time you use the Trixie Dog Car Harness in a particular vehicle, and to compare it to the car's own seat belt.

This car harness does not fit in the following cars: Volvos, Fords, Saab 9-5, built in 2004

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