Chanatol 5Litre

Chanatol 5Litre

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Chanatol Oral Dose - Is an oral dose aimed at treating Acetonaemia (Ketosis) in cattle and Pregnancy Toxemia in ewes. Both diseases are a result of a lack of energy due to an increase of demand on the animal. Chanatol Oral Dose is a glucose precurser providing the animal with a source of replacement carbohydrate. 

Dosing rate of Chanatol Oral Dose (Cattle): 200ml morning and evening for the first day, followed by 100ml twice a day for 3 days

Dosing rate of Chanatol Oral Dose(Sheep and Goats) 100ml daily for 6 days

Features of Chanatol Oral Dose

  • ​Treatment of Ketosis disorders in cattle and sheep
  • Glucose precursor
  • Gives boost of Carbohydrate

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