Coxx-Kure 1 Litre

Coxx-Kure 1 Litre

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For the prevention and treatment of  coccidiosis.

Coxx cure contains Toltrazuril which kills all stages of  Coccidiosis . In calves Coxx cure kills all developing stages of Coccidiosis. This still allows the calf to develop a natural immunity to the disease.

Coccidiosis is a very costly disease that causes severe sickness and even death. Coxx cure treats and  can also be used as a preventative.


Each calve should be dosed with a single dose of 15mg toltrazuril /kg bodyweight corresponding to 3ml oral suspension per 10 kg body weight.

For a group treatment of similar age, the dosing should be done according to the heaviest weight.

For maximum benefit , calves and piglets should be treated before the expected onset of clinical signs.

For the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis

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