Cydectin Injection 10% LA 50ml

Cydectin Injection 10% LA 50ml

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Cydectin 10% LA is a single dose long acting injection used for the treatment and control of both internal and external parasites. Cydectin 10% LA specifically targets mature and immature stomach & gut worms, lung worms, warbles, lice and mange mites. A single dose of Cydectin 10% LA's specially designed long acting formula can last an entire grazing season. This leads to both time and money being saved by not having to dose mid season.

 Active Ingredient: Moxidectin

Target Species: Cattle

Treats and Controls: mature and immature stomach worms, lung worms, warbles, lice and mange mites

Administration Method: Subcutaneous injection (under the skin)

Withdrawal Time: 108 days for animals intended for meat and offal, Not permitted for use on animals producing milk for human consumption.

Dosage: 0.5 ml per 50 kg of bodyweight, do not use in animals less than 100 kg or over 500 kg in weight

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