Deosan Teatfoam Advance 20ltr

Deosan Teatfoam Advance 20ltr

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The latest advancement in udder hygiene - protecting your cows against critical environmental bacteria. 

 Deosan® Teatfoam Advance utilises a unique dual action biocide formulation to deliver the optimum activity against gram + / - bacteria while still remaining skin friendly. Deosan® Teatfoam Advance follows the entire milking journey:  Applied pre-milking the advanced formulation rapidly removes soil allowing optimum disinfection of the teat. Applied post-milking the power and combination of biocides chosen for their synergistic activity ensures the greatest protection against costly and damaging bacterial threat.


  • Powerful dual action biocide delivering more disinfectant action on teat
  • Versatile dip, spray or foam application
  • Generates clinging foam with greater ease
  • Skin friendly, non tainting
  • Highly resistant to organic challenge
  • Discourages nuisance flies during milking

 Guidelines for Use

  1. Pre Milking: Begin the milking process with Deosan Teatfoam Advance pre milking teat disinfectant. Foam, dip or spray, new generation, fast acting Chlorhexidine and Amphoteric biocides. Wipe off thoroughly with a paper towel before milking
  2. During Milking: Wear rubber gloves and disinfect them regularly to reduce cross infection.
  3. Post Milking: As a cluster is removed, spray or dip the full length of each teat with Deosan Teatfoam Advance. Glycerine and Eucalyptus Oil skin conditioners protect teat skin from adverse weather conditions 365 days a year.
  4. During Milking: Dip ALL clusters in Deosan Activ (peracetic acid) between cows.
    a) Dip clusters in Deosan Activ at a rate of 3ml of product to 1 litre of water (1 pump to 2 gals of water) before milking freh calved cows and heifers for at least the first 10 days of lactation. Change dipping solution after approximately 10 cows.
    b) Continue to dip after high cell count cows throughout lactation and after milking clinical mastitis cases. 
  5. After Milking is Complete: Return cows directly to feed and water via well scraped walk ways. Beds should be fully prepared with fresh bedding before the cows are allowed access. Regularly disinfect beds and calving boxes with Deosan Zal Perax diluted at 50ml to 10 litres of water.
  6. Final Rinse: Use Deosan Activ in final rinse at 1ml per litre of water or one pump to 10 gals.