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First Drink Supports:

  • Boosts dry matter intake after calving
  • Supporting Rehydration
  • Reduces the risk and severity of metabolic diseases
  • Reducing the risk of displaced abomasum
  • By providing First Drink after calving the cow recovers quickly from calving and is given a very good start to lactation and subsequent fertility.
  • First Drink is a water-soluble powder. Add 700g to 15 to 20 litres of warm water and mix in a bucket. The solution will turn orange. First Drink contains high levels of natural sources of Beta carotene which will cause colour spotting during the mixing process.

  • Offer the warm solution to the cow immediately after calving and before free access to water is given. Due to its higher level of vitamin D3 compared with complete feeds, each dairy cow should not be fed more than 1.5kg of First Drink per day.

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