FloPro Activ Spray Gun

FloPro Activ Spray Gun

  • €30,50

Flopro+ Activ Spray Gun Stylish, high quality spray gun with 4 spray patterns

Stylish, lightweight and designed with use in mind, the Activ gun is designed to cover all of your gardening requirements. Four spray patterns are easily identified by the icons on the gun & cover all gardening and cleaning requirements.

The Spray Gun allows a snap fit to all major watering brands

Spray gun features
Water flow is fully adjustable with one hand
4 Spray patterns
Ergonomic styling providing a comfort grip handle and handy hanging hook
Ultra tough materials protect the gun against damage
Spray gun specification
Diameter: 12.5mm (1/2”)
Triple Fit Outside Tap Connector fits taps: 25mm (1”), 19mm (3/4”) & 12.5mm (1/2”)

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