Kamar Heat Detectors

Kamar Heat Detectors

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Kamar heat detectors help improve any heat identification programme.

It's no puzzle understanding why 50 percent of the heats in the average dairy herd are missed. The primary cause is clear, shortened heats that take place at night. Therefore, they could easily occur between observations. So visual heat detection alone simply is not enough.

  • KAMAR heatmount detectors can be a profitable supplement to your visual detection.
  • A built in timing chamber is activated by 3 seconds of steady pressure
  • When a cow stands to be ridden red dye moves slowly through a hairline passage into the hardwalled timing chamber.
  • As the chamber overflows, the detector turns red.
  • Collapsible timing chambers are inferior.

Coupled with good visual observation, KAMAR detectors can help catch 15% more cows in heat. KAMAR can also improve your accuracy by giving you one more sign of standing heat. That translates into increased conception rates, reduced calving intervals and more profitable artificial insemination

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