Kenocox 1 Litre

Kenocox 1 Litre

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Kenocox can be applied to all surfaces and is highly effective against endoparasites such as cryptosporidium parcum, coccidiosis, and bacterial infections. The disinfectant is highly effective and will reduce infections in animal houses. Kenocox is manufactured without using phenol which reduces its impact on the environment and makes the product safer for farmers and animals. Instructions: Use Kenocox only in case of an endoparasitic outbreak. Firstly remove any removable equipment and clean and disinfect them to avoid recontamination when cleaning the area itself. Remove any manure, litter and feed residues if they are present. Proceed with the usual cleaning and disinfecting procedure using an alkaline cleaner followed by a disinfectant Let dry. Spray Kenocox abundantly on the floor at 4% solution until the floor is wet. Pay special attention to feeders/drinkers and all surfaces that might come in contact with animals. Allow a minimum contact time of 2 hours. Depending on what you are using Kenocox for will alter the dilution rate and contact time. Eimeria SPP has a dilution rate of 4% (1:25) and a contact time of two hours. Cyptosporidium parcum has a dilution rate of 2% (1:50). Apply the formula with a foaming lance and apply 0.4 l of solution per meter square. Let the product dry. You do not have to rinse after spraying the surface or calf hut. Each pen, hut and calving box should be disinfected after each calf. Kenocox is the missing link in coccidiosis and cryptosporidiosis control. Always wear protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses when using this product.

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