Liceban 500ml

Liceban 500ml

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Liceban is a ready to use insecticide for cattle for the control of lice and flies.  It comes with a convenient measuring device to ensure accuracy of dosage.
There is no withdrawal period for milk from treated animals.  Liceban is suitable for the control of flies.  There is a standard dose of 10mls for all animals irrespective of weight or size. Can be used on pregnant animals.

Directions for use:

For topical administration as a pour-on solution.


Fly Control:

Apply a single 10ml dose at the onset of fly season and repeat at 5 to 8 week intervals as necessary. Frequency of administration may, however, have to be varied depending on the level and type of infestation.The 10ml dose should be applied at an even rate from the crown of the head to the top of the rump.

Lice Control:

A single 10ml dose is normally suffcient to control lice. in cases of heavy challenge, if necessary, a repeat dose may be applied after 4 weeks. Occasionally, slight signs of discomfort may be observed in some cattle during the 48 hours following application. These side effects are only temporary and have no long term implications. The active had low oral toxicity and very little transdermal absorption is expected and to date, there have been no reported complications in pregnancy or lactation. It is not anticipated that liceban pour-on will interact with any of the medicines commonly administered to cattle.

Withdrawl Periods:

Treated animals should not be slaughtered for human consumption for a period of 10 days after treatment. No withdrawal time is necessary for milk, although cows should be treated immeadiately after milking to allow as long a time as possible to elapse before the next milking

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