Polytwine 9 250Mt

Polytwine 9 250Mt

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Polytwine fencing Black/White. Other Sizes available in store

The AKO Standard Polytwine in Black and White is a strong high-quality electric fence made with 9 strands of stainless steel is ideal for short fences up to 13 kilometers in length. The Standard Polywine is made of a combination of tinned copper and stainless-steel conductors, with UV protected monofilaments and is designed for all types of electric fences. The AKO Standard Polytwine is durable and is designed to last.

Features of the AKO Standard Polytwine in Black & White:

  • 9 strands of stainless steel
  • Up to 13 kilometers in length
  • Combination of tinned copper and stainless-steel conductors
  • UV protected monofilaments
  • Durable
  • Suitable for all types of electric fence

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