Slimline Feed Wheelbarrow

Slimline Feed Wheelbarrow

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Slimline Feed Wheelbarrow JFC

TWB7 Narrow Wheelbarrow
250L 1200 L x 630 W x 800 H
TWB7-PL Plastic Lid for TWB7
TWB7-L Hinged Lid for TWB7
TWB7-D Wooden Divider for TWB7

The slim, narrow shape makes it particularly suited 
for narrow passageways in farm buildings and 
stables. Fitted with 2 pneumatic wheels and 2 
swivel wheels for optimum manoeuvrability.

• 2 varieties of lids and a divider available separately.
• Large capacity makes it ideal for distributing 
feed in stables and sheds.
• Lightweight even with heavy loads 
reducing physical strain on the user

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