Thriver Cattle and Sheep 1 Litre

Thriver Cattle and Sheep 1 Litre

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Thriver is a vitamin trace element amino acid feed supplement to boost animal performance with chelated copper and zinc to increase thriftiness in cattle and sheep. This can be administered orally by drenching gun or add the recommended dose to a small quantity of feed. Animals only require a small dose and there is no withdrawal period for cows producing milk for human consumption. 

  • Viscous thick preparation which can be added directly to the feed which is useful when administering it to heavily pregnant animals. 
  • Highly palatable preparation and when added to feed stimulates the fussy eater to eat more.
  • Can be given to cows producing milk for human consumption.

Dosage Rates:

Calves 1-12 weeks:20ml                   Lambs 1-2 months: 5ml

Calves 3-6 months: 30ml                  Lambs 3 months: 10ml 

Cattle 6 months:      45ml                   Adult Sheep:        20ml

Adult cattle:             60ml 

Animals should be treated every 6 months. if animals are unthrifty or underperform, dosage may be repeaed at 4 week intervals.

Mineral Supplementation:

Thriver meets the requirements of the sheep welfare scheme. 

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