Ultimate Protection Decking Stain 2.5Litre

  • €32,50



Protect your decking against harsh weather and footfall and keep it looking good for twice as long as standard decking stain. Available in 12 different colours in 2.5 litres, it’s rainproof in only 90 minutes and stops your wood from greying and splitting.




Your decking stain is best applied in temperatures above 10°C. Be sure to pick a day with a clear forecast and make sure your deck is thoroughly dry before you begin.

  1. Stir the stain thoroughly before you apply it and don’t dilute it. You will need to periodically keep stirring it as you apply it.
  2. Use a wide brush specially designed for water based finishes. Apply it liberally to make sure the deck is evenly covered.
  3. Focus on three to four boards at a time to avoid overlap marks. Work along the grain and ensure the leading edge is distributed evenly.
  4. Wait four hours for the first coat to dry.
  5. Apply a second coat and leave it to dry.

And that’s it! Your decking is now protected against all weather conditions and heavy footfall – so there’s no need to worry about a summer BBQ ruining it.

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