Vegetable and Fruit For Container Gardening

Vegetable and Fruit For Container Gardening

  • €39,95

With container gardening, you can grow a wide variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and the places where these containers can be located are almost unlimited. The process is not necessarily complicated, but there are some basic rules involved.

It won't take long to learn the proper ways of cultivating a range of plants in even the most limited spaces.

This book covers the following topics:


✓ What does container gardening mean?

✓ Getting started with container gardening

✓ Essential tools for a vegetable garden

✓ Maintaining and harvesting your organic vegetable garden

✓ Managing pests and plant diseases (fertilizing, watering)

✓ What you need to know about fertilizers

✓ Common mistakes to avoid

✓ Growing fruits and herbs

✓ Tips and tricks for container gardening

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