Wild Bird Seed 5kg

Wild Bird Seed 5kg

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Wild Bird Seed has been carefully selected with ingredients to create a blend that reflects the natural diet of our feathered friends. Wild Bird Seed is rich in the proteins and fats to keep wild birds happy and healthy. Suitable throughout the year and best served from a bird feeder or scattered on a bird table, you will find that your garden will soon see a huge boost in the variety of birds that come to visit. Wild Bird Seed mixes are now the most popular and effective method of feeding wild birds, and attracting them to diversify your garden. The carefully selected ingredients provide a balanced diet and are far closer to adult birds natural diet than peanuts. Wild Bird Seed is the go to bird feed for any nature lover that hopes to see their garden flourish with birds.

Features of Wild Bird Seed 

  • Natural Diet for birds
  • Rich in Protein and fat
  • Suitable for bird feeders and tables
  • Attracts a variety of birds
  • Usable all year round

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