Wild Wines

Wild Wines

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Every year, more people learn to appreciate wine as part of their dining experience. Certainly, a store-bought wine made from cultivated grapes can be delicious. But did you know that wonderful wines can also be made from a wide variety of fruits, flowers, leaves, and even roots? Better yet, you can prepare these unique beverages yourself in your own home using Nature's bounty. The result will be a pure, distinctive wild wine!

Wild Wines begins by examining the differences between commercial wines, organic wines, and wild wines. Every aspect of winemaking is then explained in detail, from the use of ingredients and equipment to the brewing process. This is followed by over seventy-five wild wine recipes that use fruits, flowers, roots, or leaves. Included are handy charts that guide you in collecting the best ingredients for your homemade brews. Here is all the information you need to revel in one of life's pure pleasures.

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